Subject: Snapshot Report - July 24th tar_files
To: None <current-users@sun-lamp.CS.Berkeley.EDU>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/26/1994 06:49:01
Snapshot report.

Me: (Alistair G. Crooks)

Source: tar_files, 23rd July 1994, from

Base version of NetBSD: 0.9.

Upgrade from previous -current: yes, 16th July sources from

Machine specifics: 386DX/40+387, 16MB RAM, 540 MB SCSI (Quantum), VGA card

Other software: Matthieu Herrb's XFree86 2.1.1, built July 21 1994.

Tar files integrity: good.

Additional things to do during upgrade: None

Any warnings during compilation: None noted.

Any problems during make: None

Changes from previous snapshot report:
(This is taken from the CHANGES file on sun-lamp - last update on 21 July 94)

	amiga: changed internal serial port driver to use much smaller buffers
		(16k -> 256 and 24k ->3k) (chopps)
	amiga: added 2 non-copyright fonts for console- default to using them
		and not a possibly non-existant (c) user supplied one (chopps) 
	amiga: disklabel support re-written to be more functional also
		added a machine/disklabel.h (chopps)
	amiga: added delay() an accurate useq delay uses last two free 
		16 bit countdown timers (chopps)
	amiga: added SYSCALL_DEBUG support (chopps)
	incorporate new version of lpd. (cgd)
	incorporate new version of libc's rcmd() and related functions. (cgd)
	add new pstat(8) program, which obsoletes swapinfo. (cgd)
	roll in a new sysv shared-memory module. <glass> (hpeyerl)
	introduce new core dump format. (pk)
	kernel debugging support in gdb. (pk)
	pc532: added the boot from ufs program. (phil)
	adosfs added (ro version) along with mount_ados (chopps)
	amiga: added new floppy, much cleaner (chopps)
	update rlogind, rshd, and telnetd to 4.4-Lite versions. (cgd)
	make fixes from Christos Zoulas which eliminate memory leaks and 
		improper memory accesses (jtc)
	sh fix from Christos Zoulas which elimintes core dump when compiled
		w/out history support (for install floppies). (jtc)
        ip multicast mrouting fixes. Bring in previous version of mrouting
		code. Apply bug fix for igmp.c cksum errors from
		Steve McCanne. Fix mrouted (and friends) to fill in ip hdr
		fields that 4.4 no longer does for you. (brezak)
	updated chown/chgrp to 4.4-Lite versions. (cgd)
	replaced ipcs with version written by
		Thorsten Lockert <tholo@SigmaSoft.COM>. (cgd)
	updated src/share/doc tree to work like 4.4-Lite's. (cgd)
	added bm(3) functions from Keith Bostic. (cgd)
	replaced test with version from pdksh, with enhancements and
		cleanup by me. (jtc)
	rename cd.c to ccd.c and update to 4.4Lite version in /sys/dev.
		(concatenated disk driver). (hpeyerl)
	i386: fix disklabel clobbering MBR on disks shared with DOS. (brezak)

[However, the only change from the previous week was brezak's i386
disklabel fix - agc]


0.  Apologies for the three-month absence of these things.  The truth
is that I was snowed under, and didn't have the time to write the
reports, although I've been keeping -current.  The general feeling
that I got last week was that these things were quite useful to have,
and so I'll try to make the time.  In the meantime, the 486
motherboard on pumpy died, so I'm back to the 386, and I'm now using
SCSI peripherals hanging off an AHA 1542 - I know, but it's all I had,
and it works.

1.  Could the core team please update the CHANGES file when changes
are made?  For instance, this week the msdosfs was fixed, and some
changes were made to the cd9660 file system.

2.  msdosfs has been fixed.  Thank you.

3.  Michael VanLoon reported problems with the July 23rd (I think)
tar_files.  This isn't my experience, although I'm running with old
bootblocks (1.19), and I'm only going to go to 4.4 inodes when I
absolutely have to.  In fact, I had absolutely no trouble upgrading
this week.

4. Thanks to Matthieu Herrb's XFree86 2.1.1 for NetBSD 1.0 Alpha,
available from

5.  Could people please read the back copies of the mailing lists
before they start porting software, please, to avoid duplicating
effort?  (I'm using tholo's patches with top-3.3beta3, and they're
working very well, although I was surprised to find I had 329
Megabytes of Virtual memory, when I thought I only had 40-ish Meg

6. There still seems to be a strange combination of pax and tar in
the /usr/src/include makefile.

7.  To port things to -current these days, I find that I'm making sure
that the lseek is properly prototyped, or that the second argument to
it is cast to an off_t. If I don't do this, then strange core dumps
ensue, especially on little-endian boxes.

8. I'm aware that these reports are highly i386-specific. Could the
people working with other architectures please mail me, as I'd like to
include a cross-platform bit here?

9. Last time I produced one of these reports, this was the i386
supported SCSI device list. Could someone please update me with
any changes?

aha1542b isa                 aha1542.c
aha1542c/cf isa              aha1542.c
aha1742 eisa                 aha1742.c  
aha1742 eisa                 aha1742.c
bt445   vlb                  bt742a.c
bt542   isa (mod'd driver)   aha1542.c
bt545   isa (old ones only)  aha1542.c
bt742   eisa                 bt742a.c
bt747   eisa 		     bt742a.c
ultra34f vlb		     ultra14f.c
ultra14f isa                 ultra14f.c

[The Adaptec 2742 is not supported, and may not be in future due to
Adaptec's refusal to release "proprietary information" about the board.]

(There has been some discussion over the best SCSI board to purchase. 
General reasoning was that Adaptec support wasn't good for non-DOS
problems, and re the 2742 issue.  The Ultrastore has jumpers for
everything, which can be a pain.  The Bustek boards have had
favourable reports.  Please note that I'm just condensing other
people's opinions here, all you lawyers out there.)

[I'm pretty sure the above information is well out of date - agc]

10.  Likewise, the i386 Ethernet device list.

3c501                   isa     if_el                     (
3c503 (and probably 3C507, but I can't actually test it)  (mycroft)
3c509  			isa	if_ep   bnc/aui/utp.      (tdr)
3c579			eisa		doesn't work yet. (tdr)
WD 8390-based cards 	isa	if_ed			  (mycroft)
SMC 8390-based cards 	isa	if_ed			  (mycroft)
NE1000, NE2000    	isa	if_ed			  (mycroft)
NE2100			isa	if_is			  (mycroft)
AT&T StarLAN (82586-based cards)			  (mycroft)
BICC Isolan				 		  (mycroft)

If anyone has any more to add to this list, please contact me.

[I'm pretty sure the above information is well out of date - agc]

11. If anyone doubts how overworked I am, I was out in California in
June, and bought a SCSI-2 MO disk there. It's still in the box. If anyone
wants to converse with me about such beasts, you know where I am.
(BTW, 650MB SCSI-2, 65ms av.  seek, $695, $100 for media - all prices
retail, sure beats DAT tape for me).

12.  On a recent perusal of the *BSD home page on the WWW, I saw that
BSDi have their own hypertext manual page browser, called plexus. 
It's available from

for anyone who wants to try this under NetBSD - I don't have the time,
sorry. Note that you'll need some form of hypertext viewer, though.

13.  For anyone a trifle nervous, having seen stories of not being
able to boot their root filesystem etc, I'm taking quite a
conservative line on this - I'm still using the 1.19 bootblocks, I've
got 4.3 style inodes, and I'm running on SCSI disks.  I repeat that
I've had no problems this week upgrading.  The problems that I have
seen over the last few months (and which have all been fixed) are:

a) pax was missing, and then core-dumped. Change /usr/share/mk/
about line 35, and uncomment the "#SYS_INCLUDES=   symlinks" line.

b) I got a strange /var/run/utmp: No such file or directory from /etc/rc
when I booted up, having updated my /etc/rc. This was because the line
that creates that directory was trying to install it under a group
which didn't exist in /etc/group (wsrc:*:83:). [I don't upgrade /etc
every week, and I usually keep my own /etc/group files, which was why
this one bit me - not badly, though.]

c) msdosfs didn't compile

14.  I'm looking for an 8-bit Ethernet (WD8003 or somesuch), and am
willing to pay. It must be 8-bit, though, not 8/16-bit switching.

15.  Finally, a very big thank you to all involved in making NetBSD
1.0_BETA.  Over the last few months, I've found it to be very stable,
and I'm continually impressed by the new things I see when booting up
a new kernel, or making various sources.  Well done, guys - almost

Alistair G. Crooks (                      +44 252 346377
Amdahl European HQ, Dogmersfield Park, Hartley Wintney, Hants RG27 8TE, UK.