Subject: Re: COM_SW_CLOCAL and "cu" (was: COM_SW_SOFTCAR handling)
To: Scott Reynolds <>
From: Randy Terbush <dsndata!sierra!>
List: current-users
Date: 07/25/1994 19:16:29
> On Mon, 25 Jul 1994, Duncan McEwan wrote:
> > I'm not sure how "cu" works on other systems.
> While I can't answer the questions posed, I think it's worthwhile to note 
> that this is a (hacked?) version of Taylor UUCP 1.04, and that someone 
> who has time might want to check to see if any of the myriad 
> configuration and/or policy options might be used to solve this problem.  
> I've noticed that cu doesn't work quite that way I'd like, too, but I 
> "solved" that problem with C-Kermit 189 (see /usr/othersrc/README).

On that same topic...

Has anyone looked at merging the changes from Taylor 1.05 into the
NetBSD tree?  How much "hacking" has been done on the NetBSD version?