Subject: the next release
To: None <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/25/1994 16:28:52
To answer some questions:

1) will the interval between releases decrease?

   Yes.  A large # of factors led to large window between 0.9 and the
   soon to arrive 1.0.  These factors include legalities, and manpower.
   However we believe these problems are largely resolved.  We have
   also invested time in tools to make future releases easier.

2) what will be in the next release?

   short answer:
	What we, and our contributors get done.
   long answer:
	What we, and our contributors get done.

   real answer:
	We don't know exactly.

	Will be in next release almost for sure:
		integration of 4.4-Lite user-level
	Possibilities for the next release:
		changes to accomodate the alpha port
		a few more ports become complete
			rfc compliance
		upgrade of gcc and gas
		performance improvements

Thats my list....and only my list.  

Other core members, and our contributors each have their own.

Feel free to send us your list.

Adam Glass