Subject: Q's on 4.4-lite userland integration
To: None <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/25/1994 22:28:40
After spending the better part of the last hour reading flames on why 
bsd vs bsd vs linux (pick a combo), and having a chuckle here and
there, I thought about a recurring point.

Does netbsd-current use lots of net/2.untainted code in userland?
If so, are there any plans to integrate 4.4-lite userland stuff,
especially stuff that hasn't had netbsd-local changes?
If yes, can we get an approximate timeframe?

The reason why I'm interested is because I was going to (in my
Infinite Spare Time :) compile a lot of the userland tree with
-Wall or whatever, as well as with ld warnings for some non-ansi
functions (bcopy, rindex), so I could make the code more portable.
Not much use doing this on net/2 derived stuff if it's gunna be
replaced by 4.4-lite stuff (which I have the source to locally as


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