Subject: Re: Kermit is weird....
To: Dave Burgess <>
From: Mike Halderman <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/22/1994 16:25:40
Dave Burgess writes:
> I think I have found an oddness that I had not seen before either in
> the system or in the mailing list...
> When I fire up kermit, the systems waits for something to happen right
> before it connects to the /dev/tty02 port.  The sure fire way to make
> it connect is to ^Z and then 'fg' the job.  When the 'fg' restarts the
> process, the port is connected and the SLIP connection script (user-id
> stuff notwithstanding) to establish my SLIP connection runs.
> I have tried several other signals (^C for example) and they all have
> the same effect.  Whatever event kermit seems to be waiting for is
> suddenly satisfied and the program jaunts of merrily connecting my to
> the outside world.  
> I find it just the least bit spooky.
> ...

I think there is some weirdness with sigblock().  I had some problems
with 'xv' sleeping forever.  I reconfigured it to use usleep() and it
is fine now.  I haven't had time to trace down the problem yet.  Is
kermit doing anything like this?