Subject: Re: Setreuid in perl-4.036
To: None <>
From: Wolfgang Solfrank <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/21/1994 23:42:40
> This raises an interesting issue.  Unless SETUIDSCRIPTS is set for the
> kernel, setuid scripts don't setuid at all.  There are good reasons for
> this but it seems a major deviation from common Unix to be undocumented
> (the code comments don't mention this, no man page does, it doesn't
> even show up in ALL (maybe should be LOTS's certainly not
> ALL)).

Yes, this is the reason I named this flag thusly :-) (you want to have scripts
that honor setuid).

Note, that apart from the mangling of defines at the start of exec_script.c,
the two flags SETUIDSCRIPTS and FDSCRIPTS are pretty much orthogonal. You
could have one without the other, which would have the following effects:


undefined	undefined	no setuid
				no exec if exec-only

defined		undefined	setuid with the wellknown security hole
				no exec if exec-only

undefined	defined		no setuid
				can execute exec-only scripts

defined		defined		safer setuid scripts
				can execute exec-only scripts

Note, that with FDSCRIPTS defined, scripts using this feature, i.e. setuid
and/or exec-only scripts, loose the ability to get at their filename ($0 in
the shell).
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