Subject: Re: Adaptec 1742 Problems with -current 16. July
To: Jan-Hinrich Fessel <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/21/1994 16:53:56
> I upgraded my EISA Box from an AHA1542 to an 1742 and 
> consequently use now the ahb-driver.  Now I cannot use my
> Exabyte anymore.  I probes incorrect as drive empty, and read 
> or write attempts fail sometimes, often I get 0 bytes with no error
> when there is definitely data on the tape.  The same configuraton
> worked with the 1542 with no flaws.

Hmm.  I've never tried the 1742 with an exabyte, but i know it works
fine on, e.g. the DAT on sun-lamp...

I could believe it doesn't work -- Exabytes are weird...

"i've got no clue" as to what could be wrong, though,
and can't test it because, now that i've got an exabyte around,
my 1742's aren't local anymore...  heh.