Subject: Re: no com ports in GENERIC* kernels??
To: None <>
From: Mark P. Gooderum <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/21/1994 09:34:33
> > I'm trying to currentize my system from the May 1 sources,
> > and it's becoming a real pain in the ass, since the source tarballs
> > from this past weekend won't build a kernel (lots of symbols like
> > P_BACK are referenced in genassym.c, but are defined nowhere that I
> > can find).

This is strange.  I upgraded this weekend with binary tarballs
from  The netbsd-aha kernel boots find and even gives
me com0-com2.  The source though came from sup though, but has built several 
kernels for me as of the July 18th sup.

BTW, I haven't seen the fsck problems that other people have seen, but I 
haven't tried to "convert" yet either (I'll update and test my boot floppies
and level 0 dump first before I try anything like that).

I still get the random SEGVs, the last victim was init which of course
me the kernel very unhappy.