Subject: Re: no com ports in GENERIC* kernels??
To: Michael L. VanLoon <>
From: Brian D. Carlstrom <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/20/1994 11:39:35
>>> Michael L VanLoon writes:

     > P.S. Current (July 12) fsck also freaked out on my SCSI /usr
     > partition, which had been working fine on the May 1 system, after
     > it had been working under the July 12 kernel fine for a few hours
     > and I rebooted.  It complained about a corrupted directory, but
     > only gave the name as "DIR=?" (it also complained about
     > lost+found being corrupted).  Then, after complaining about these
     > two dirs, each time it promptly proceeded to get a segmentation
     > violation.  I rmdir'd the lost+found dir, which made it happy,
     > but I couldn't even tell what the other dir was that it was
     > talking about.  And every time it hit that dir it died with a
     > segv.  I was only able to get that drive to pass fsck clean by
     > fsck'ing it a couple times under my alternate IDE boot drive
     > running the May 1 kernel and binaries (including fsck).  The
     > older fsck called that "DIR=".  It seems the 4.4 version of fsck
     > has a null pointer dereferenced somewhere if it gets strange dir
     > entries, that didn't happen under the older fsck.  Sorry I can't
     > provide any more detailed debugging info since the machine wasn't
     > exactly in a stable state at the time.  Is this a known problem,
     > or is my machine just screwey?

i have the exact same problem... so its not just me? i havent hunted it
down yet since a.) for a while i was screwed by the disklabel thing and
b.) i've been recently trying to use my system for work, so dont want to
tinker and lose everything.