To: None <>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/20/1994 09:08:49
	I am trying to get an AST multiport serial board working with NetBSD-current.  My
current is real old, (February) and predates the ast0 driver which exists
today.  Asside from the flames about trying to move drivers back in time,
can someone tell me how the board should be configured for today's driver?
According to the documentation that came supplied with the board, you can
only put the board in enhanced mode if you plan to use it with their ScO
Xenix driver.  Otherwise, you should run it in compatible mode.  I assume
that the NetBSD driver that supports the AST supports it in enhanced mode?
	I notice that the configuration from the sys-current tree which contains 
a sample config line for the ast board assumes that the devices com0
through com3 are slaves to this board.  Is it legal to put two standard
serial ports in a machine, labeling them com0 and com1 and then putting the
ast in and calling the ports it has com2-com5?
	Finally, I notice that the sample configuration line for the AST board has 
it using irq 3.  If the board is set to use a different interrupt, can you
change the config line to match and expect it to work?  Also, should
sharing of interrupts be enabled or disabled?


P.S.  Anyone who has written a device driver for NetBSD and who would be
willing to explain to me the intricacies of getting an interrupt handler to
work, please feel  free to send me private e-mail.  My back-ported driver
seems pretty close, but I'm having trouble with the interrupt routines
which are ttys.