Subject: Re: Root name servers (forgot original title)
To: John F. Woods <>
From: Bill Squier <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/19/1994 16:51:14
In message <>, Mark P. Gooderum writes:
>I just moved to mostly current from June 2nd sources.  The kernel is as of
>yesterdays sup, userland is still from Chris's i386 binary snapshot of the
>13th (?).  I'll be up to home built current userland some time later this 

>The biggest problem is I have random SEGV core dumps again.  I've only got
>8M of RAM and it hits when compiling anything serious with X running.  The
>cores have been from everything, make, sed, gcc, and ccp.  These behave like
>the cores from the pmap problems way back when (March?April?).  Re-run things
>and it works.

This is the exact RAM size and symptoms that occur on my Amiga ('030) running
NetBSD-current (Jul-17 sup).  However, I don't even need X running.
Compiles run for what seems to be a random length of time, and then--
spurious SIGSEGV.

My 24MB i486/DX2 has been ROCK SOLID forever now.

Pointers?  Types of things you'd like to see for more info?