Subject: Re: Current Report
To: Mark P. Gooderum <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/19/1994 09:01:10
> I just moved to mostly current from June 2nd sources.  The kernel is as of
> yesterdays sup, userland is still from Chris's i386 binary snapshot of the
> 13th (?).  I'll be up to home built current userland some time later this 
> week.
> With June 2nds current things were rock solid except for:
> 	-halt would often reboot before halting
> 	-/ would always fail (minor) fsck and have to reboot, but always
> 	 came up
> 	-sh problems which were solved by tracking just sh fixes until mid-June

Much as I hate to sound like Charles Hannum, this isn't my experience. 
From June 2nd, I've had 0 problems with disc turds, and halt has NEVER
rebooted before halting.  I'm just a very happy (albeit quiet) bunny.
Indeed, from about July 2nd, if fsck found problems on /, it hasn't
even necessitated a reboot.
> I had no problems.  Because of comments on make changes and having to worry
> about the do this then that I just used the binary snapshot, without problems.
> I had one minor panic when FlexFax didn't want to come up, but then checked
> and found the GENERIC kernels don't have FIFO support, fixed of course when
> I built my own kernel.

From early April, it's been quite easy - just install the new includes,
(if pax dumps on you, then change to use a symlink), make a
new config, config your kernel, reboot on the new kernel, and then do
lib, bin, sbin, usr.bin, usr.sbin etc.
> As for "real" problems, I also got a "ie0: can't map 3C507 in high
> memory" with the GENERICAHA kernel.  I found this interesting because
> my ethernet was an an NE2000 clone at 0x300 and I don't have any
> devices at 0x360.

This is just a warning message from the ie driver - it hasn't found
anything during autoconfig, and so can't map it. Ignore it.


PS. Anyone fancy Snapshot Reports again?
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