Subject: X11R6,i386 Makefile probs.
To: None <>
From: Andrew Wheadon <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/18/1994 14:27:22
I've just been messing with X11R6 to try and get it to compile under
NetBSD-current, anyway it's failing at the point of making a main

It seems to be including tabs in front of variable declarations due
to there being a tab in the Imake.rules line which ConCat's the 
variable lines together (about line 1092).

It also is not replacing the XCOMMS with pounds i.e. CppSedMagic 
isn't used.

It seems to create a functioning Makefile and then in the Area
after line 650 where makedepend is supposed to being messing 
about it includes the complete Imakefile plus empty lines etc.
again thus there are two make-labels all the time.

If one corrects the main-Makefile and calls up 'make Makefiles'
it just ruins the others instead.

It doesn't seem to work with either gnumake nor bsdmake.

Did it actually work with the old NetBSD 0.9 ?
Have you got a hint as to what it might be ?
Do you need more information to solve it ?

Thx in advance.
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