Subject: Re: new i386 binary snapshot...
To: None <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/16/1994 21:04:46
> (Mark P. Gooderum) writes:
>> Is msdosfs working yet?  Is it in the snapshot?  I'd love to test but
>> certain system requirements for me require me to be able suck some
>> things on and off msdos disks once a day.

> You can always use mtools in the future.  It doesn't allow you to
> mount an msdos disk, but you can use its commands to copy files either
> way, rename, list, and delete files.

mtools-2.0.7 has problems with partitions > 32MB, often with dodgy or
empty files resulting on the unix side. I looked into the code a big
way, and even by bumping up the internal mtools limit on the assumed
size of a directory, I still had problems on large partitions or large
directories (e.g, my windoze directory with a couple of extra TT fonts
in it.)
I did clean up a lot of the code (in an unofficial 2.1 version), but
since I couldn't 100% guarantee a working product, I never released
it. Note that the same directories that caused problems on mtools
caused msdosfs to crash (on mid march kernels), so I suspect it is
something the way that dos 6.2 orders stuff slightly against the
defacto standard that Microsloth set in earlier versions. If I had a
DECENT reference for post Dos3.3 filesystems I'd re-write mtools from
scratch (as the current version is really crap code)

I might have another look at my attempt to clean up the code, and
release it with a disclaimer that it MAY have problems with partitions
> 32MB with large directories. If there's enuf interest that is.

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