Subject: Re: new i386 binary snapshot...
To: None <>
From: Craig M. Chase <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/14/1994 10:09:05
Chris G. Demetriou writes:
> i've put a new binary snapshot for the i386 up for FTP.
> it's of the sources that are in the NetBSD 1.0 release branch, so
> please do try it out...

3 (probably FAQ) things.

0) Uh... speaking of FAQs, would it be a good idea to periodically
   post a standard form to this mailing list that explains
   a) what the list is for
   b) where the archives of the mailing list can be found
   c) other useful bits of info for new folk, and for those (like me)
      with very short memories.

1) The behavior of ypbind has changed since my last upgrade
   (May 2, 94)
   if you issue "ypset <host>"
   the binding only lasts for a couple of minutes.

   Due to political wierdness, I can not put my NetBSD machine on the
   same subnet as our ypserver, and since the broadcasts don't propagate
   across subnet boundaries, I've been using ypset.  Currently, I
   have a cron job issuing ypset once a minute.  This terrible kludge
   seems to allow me to log in.

   BTW: what is the status of the NIS server implementation?

2) During the upgrade, I found that old (May 2) binaries would not run
   with the new kernel.  I got the "Cannot map" error.
   I'm sure this question clearly illustrates to the world my naivete,
   (but what the heck, I'm not proud), what does this message really
   mean?  Why do I still get it when I run "elm"?  How can I (short of
   recompiling everything in /usr/local/bin) get my programs to
   work again?

3) and speaking of recompiling /usr/local/bin....
   ranlib seems to be behaving strangely:

  # cd /usr/src/local/elm-2.4/lib
  # ranlib ./libutil.a
  ranlib: ./libutil.a: Undefined error: 0

  # which ranlib

  # ls -l /usr/bin/ranlib
  -r-xr-xr-x  1 bin  bin  20480 Jul 12 18:55 /usr/bin/ranlib*

  # cksum /usr/bin/ranlib
  2803660188 20480 /usr/bin/ranlib

  # cksum /usr/lib/ 
  3763713561 396429 /usr/lib/

  Any thoughts?

Craig Chase --- Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78721