Subject: Re: 4.4 manuals + CDROM from ORA
To: None <>
From: Paul Dokas <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/13/1994 09:11:53
> Just FYI;  I just got off of the phone with O'Reilly & Assoc.
> apparently, all of the 4.4 manuals and the US-only CDROM are
> now available.  Sorry, the non-US CDROM is NOT ready yet, it'll
> be a couple more weeks.

Ok, sorry about the lack of details.  Here's what the latest ORA.COM
has to say about the books.

4.4BSD System Manager's Manual, 646 pages, ISBN 1-56592-080-5, $30
    Man pages for system administration commands and files, plus
    papers on system administration.

4.4BSD User's Reference Manual, 898 pages, ISBN 1-56592-075-9, $30
    The famous "man pages" for over 500 utilities.

4.4BSD User's Supplementary Documents, 686 pages, ISBN 1-56592-076-7, $30
    Papers providing in-depth documentation of complex programs
    such as the shell, editors, and word processing utilites.

4.4BSD Programmer's Reference Manual, 868 pages, ISBN 1-56592-078-3, $30
    Man pages for system calls, libraries, and file formats.

4.4BSD Programmer's Supplementary Documents, 606 pages, ISBN 1-56592-079-1, $30
    The original Bell and BSD research papers providing in-depth
    documentation of the programming environment.

4.4BSD-Lite CD Companion, 64 pages (est.) plus CD-ROM disk, ISBN 1-56592-081-3, $40
    This CD is a copy of the University of California, Berkeley's, 4.4BSD-Lite
    release, with additional documentation and enhancements.  [lots more description

Volumes 1-5 only, ISBN 1-56592-077-5, $120
    All five manuals.  No CDROM.

Volumes 1-5 plus CDROM, ISBN 1-56592-082-1, $150
    All five manuals and the CDROM.

For ordering in US/Canada, call 1(800)8898969.  Local/Overseas, call 1(7078290515.
For inquiries, call 1(800)9989938.  Ordering is also available by FAX at 1(707)8290104,
or via email at

Their open weekdays 6am - 6pm PST.

Hope that's enough detail ;-)

Paul Dokas

PS, I have nothing to do with O'Reilly & Assoc., I just buy books from them.