Subject: Re: bootable floppy
To: None <,`>
From: Mark P. Gooderum <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/12/1994 09:13:08
I've kind of fudged.  I was able to successfully create some floppies back
in April and I've been reusing them.  I just dd the disk image to the 
new floppy, rm the old files and copy in new ones.  I have a bootable 
kernel and seperate very complete rootfs (courtesy of crunch, works great,
less filling).

At the time I used disklabel and newfs w/o too many problems.  I ended up
having to create a disktab entry for a 1.44M floppy and using that for 

The entry I created was slightly different than the default one.
This works with a June 2 current as well, can't say for present.

# Marks Additions
ufloppy|3.5in High Density Floppy for Unix:\
        :pa#2880:oa#0:ba#4096:fa#512:ta=4.2BSD: \

This is identical to the floppy entry except for the ta item on partition0.
For current you may have to delete the b and c entries.