Subject: Re: The list of floppy devices and a suggestion...
To: Dave Burgess <uunet!!>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/11/1994 15:40:23
> > Huh?  I think I've missed something here.  Did someone say you have to make
> > a seperate source tarball for each platform?  I don't think so...  Just do
> > a general source tarball like the one that is created on the weekend...
> It was said that the binary snapshots should have attendant
> source snapshots...  Given that, you need one per binary
> snapshot...

Well, if binary snapshots always came from the weekend source tarball, then
the same source snapshot would do for all the binary snapshots.  Of course,
a weekend source snapshot that works fine on one architecture may not work
on another (or any other), which is why the issue really came up in the
first place.  If it were an important goal to provide these snapshots on a
regular basis as easily-reconstructible systems, one could perhaps combine
a weekly source tarball with a tar of those source files that *had* to be
fixed for a given architecture's weekly build.

But I was under the impression that, handy though they are, the occasional
binary snapshots weren't an official goal, so I don't see any justification
for a lot of fuss.  For anyone who wishes to provide weekly binary snapshots
without storing a full corresponding source tree, I offer the above method.
(Actually, since weekly binary snapshots are a lot of work, perhaps some central
archive could store the first weekly source snapshot of each month, and the
delta souce tars would be relative to that.)  For anyone who feels providing
binary snapshots with such rigor isn't worth quite that much effort -- you're
probably right, and thanks for whatever you can manage.