Subject: Re: Info request on swapinfo
To: Martin Husemann <>
From: Greg Cronau <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/11/1994 12:54:47
A couple of days ago I put out a request on this list for information
on the "swapinfo" program. I was looking for a version that runs under
SunOS. At least a dozen people wrote back saying I could use "pstat -s"
or "pstat -T" on SunOS. Thanks for the info, however, "pstat" doesn't
give me all the info that swapinfo does. Specifically, swapinfo will
dump out a list of all the allocated swap blocks and their sizes. So
pstat isn't an acceptable substitute. Now today this item showed up
on the list:

Martin Husemann
>> I saw a comment on the list a few days ago about the "swapinfo" program.
>> I had not been aware of that program, so I took a look at the manpage.
>Just a note:
>swapinfo isn't there anymore, "pstat -s" now does it's job.

I am running -current from 4/03. pstat didn't exist at that point. Does
the current version of pstat do everything that swapinfo does, or are we
loosing functionallity? Speciffically, can pstat produce the output that
"swapinfo -m" does?

BTW, swapinfo.c says that it was "written by Chris Torek, converted to NetBSD
by cgd, and based on a program by Kevin Lahey". Does anyone know on what
platforms the Torek & Lahey versions ran?