Subject: Re: Problems building -current
To: Theo de Raadt <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/07/1994 18:36:47
> >  > Just tried to upgrade from June 6 sources to July 6 sources, and ran into a
> >  > wierd problem ( outside of the pax and pppd snafus ).  When I make install in
> >  > stopped in /usr/src/share/doc/psd/05.sysman with the error that it could find
> >  > the Makefile.  The line it was choking on is 
> Delete /usr/src/share/doc/psd/05.sysman/obj
> This will happen for other directories too; just delete the obj directories
> or links. They are no longer needed (or desirable).

This is one of those times when 'sup -msv &' sure works well.  I check
the E-Mail that I get back from sup and look at whatever directories it
was unable to delete.  I then delete them straight out of elm.

Just a thought; since sup is already mucking about deleting files and
all, would there be a BIG problem with changing the 'rm -f' or 'rmdir'
that is currently used to an 'rm -fr'.  The problem seems to be a
fairly consistent one (symlink to /usr/obj/* and CVS directories) and I
end up using a recursive 'rm' to get rid of them anyway...

Of course, if I was a REAL programmer (TM), I would make the change
myself and just mail it up to the core team.  

Maybe I'll be a REAL programmer (TM) this week-end.