Subject: Re: Nice PostScript lpr package location
To: None <>
From: Vincent Poy <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/04/1994 20:32:20
On Sun, 3 Jul 1994 wrote:

> 	While grunging around the Internet for a decent text to Postscript
> 	package for NetBSD I came across the psf package, version 3.6 at
> 	VERY nice package once you get all the tweeks for yuor printer
> 	and personal preferences for landscape, portrait and 1/2/4 logical
> 	pages per physical page.
> 	If you have a PostScript printer and are looking for a good text
> 	to postscript front end, give psf a try.
> 		-Rob

Hmmm, does this work with a HP DeskJet 500C Printer?

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