Subject: DEPCA
To: None <current-users>
From: Charles Hannum <mycroft>
List: current-users
Date: 07/01/1994 13:32:26
Well, I just committed my changes to make the if_is driver work with
DEPCA cards.  It should work on any model with a 64k or 32k window
(configuring it with `iosiz 49152' or `iosiz 16384', respectively),
but I've only tested it on my old `revision E' board.

At the same time, I also took the opportunity to rename the driver
from `is' to `le', as the old name isn't really appropriate any more.

Thanks to:

Francis Hitchens, for writing the if_se driver, on which this is based
(though the code is now quite different).

Kevin Casey, for faxing me the user's manual.

A few other people who sent me bits of the manual.