Subject: anyone compile Xfree86 on 0.9C?
To: None <>
From: Matthieu Herrb <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/01/1994 15:22:14
You wrote (in your message from Fri  1)
 > Has anyone who compiled XFree86 on a recent version of 0.9C??
 > 	  The damn thing keeps mangling the Makefile for me I am
 > 	  am trying to figure out if it is me or something else.
 > 	  I thought I heard mention of problems with current and X
 > 	  recently but am not sure.
 > I am running current as of about June 28.

And which version of XFree86 ? This is a known problem with version
2.1, corrected in 2.1.1. It's caused by off_t now being 64 bit wide. 

You can get the 2.1 -> 2.1.1 patch from