Subject: Re: 3c509 again
To: Herb Peyerl <>
From: Gary D. Duzan <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/30/1994 13:16:03
In Message <> ,
   Herb Peyerl <> wrote:

=>Well; fwiw, here is something that occured before I left for Boston Usenix:
=>I currently have several NetBSD machines running 3c509's.  The one I use
=>everyday, allday is a 486-66 EISA with an EISA BUslogic scsi controller
=>and an ISA S3-928 video card.
=>I managed to buy another box for other reasons at work so I bought a
=>486-66 ISA with 3 VLB slots, a VLB Buslogic scsi controller and a
=>VLB Mach32 video board. 
   As I understand it, the max # of VLB slots is 2 @ 33Mhz, so
motherboards with 3 VLB slots are outside the spec. and to be

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