Subject: Re: getttyent problem exposed
To: Eric J. Haug <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/30/1994 02:14:35
> In the following file, i have found an error.

umm, i'm not sure if what you've described is an error at all.

> Test:
> try to get ttyflags to do anything resembling setting the rtscts or softcar
> or local flags. if the filed is "on unsecure rtscts softcar"
> This will fail to do the documented thing
> if the /etc/ttys file contains "unsecure" instead of secure.

whatever gave you the idea that 'unsecure' is a valid flag?
(hell, it's not a valid word, but then neither is 'creat'... 8-)

If the line contains "keyword" 'unsecure', then the line contains a
bogus keyword.  parsing of the keywords is stopped when something
other than a keyword is encountered, and so when that bogus one
is run into, getttyent() stops looking for keywords.

I'd call this a case of a user getting "creative" with
a system file format.  8-)

If you'd like to try to convince me that the current behaviour
_must_ be fixed for some reason, please explain why, and include
a diff; it's not a 'trivial' fix.  As it's coded now, running
into something that's not a keyword signals the end of the
keywords, and that makes sense to me.