Subject: Re: binaries / status
To: Robert Dobbs <>
From: Theo de Raadt <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/29/1994 22:31:48
> Does someone plan to tar up a binary distribution sometime soon?  I'm stuck
> being unable to compile due to issues and in need of a bootstrap.  I've
> been watching sun-lamp and iastate but nothing has appeared in the last few
> weeks.

there will be a NetBSD release soon. Very likely that there will be
new binary snapshots (for all the architectures) just before the
actual release comes out. That is another way that you can help us
with "quality assurance".

> Similarly, is there a running status kept somewhere?  I can vaguely see whats
> being worked on with the CVS reports, but it'd be nice to see something along
> the lines of human text saying "fsck invoked the devil; now fixed"

Your best bet is the source-changes mailing list, which details all
the changes we make; beware though, since it is high volume.