Subject: Re: fsck -c 2 , superblock etc.
To: Andrew Wheadon <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/28/1994 00:08:26
> Unluckily fsck -c 2 is still causing an immediate reboot and failing
> whenever I try it on my two wd0 partitions (wd0a boot, wd0e /var)
> fsck -c 2 worked fine on my sd0 and sd1 partitions.

This _really_ sounds like a 'wd' bug...  "here we go again..."  8-)
(actually, i shouldn't say that; at least it doesn't corrupt
data now unless you ask it to!  8-)

> - Is this a common problem ?

I think it is; has _ANYONE_ been able to fsck -c 2 a wd drive?
i know it's failed for the one (small) one that i have.

> On a second note --- are multiple 'rdumps' to the same non-rewinding
> tape on a network a reliable way of archiving or is it better to use
> tar, if one wants to archive multiple partitions without using multiple
> Gigabyte tapes ?
> i.e. does anybody else do it the same way ?

I dunno about "on a network," but with a local tape device, that's
what i use to do sun-lamp's dumps.  Over the network, it should
work just as well.