Subject: Re: pax
To: None <kenh@wrl.EPI.COM, uunet!CS.Stanford.EDU!>
From: Stephen J. Roznowski <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/26/1994 10:47:32
> From: Ken Hornstein <kenh@wrl.EPI.COM>
> >Could someone please make a static version of /bin/pax available to me?
> >I've delayed upgrading to -current binaries (though I'm running a relatively
> >-current kernel) until the MS-DOS support is fixed, but now make 
> >/usr/src/include uses pax, pax uses the new includes, etc.  So I'm stuck.
> You can bootstrap around this by just copying over /usr/src/sys/sys/*.h into
> /usr/include/sys; then you'll be able to build pax, and then install the
> header files the right way.  (I figure doing this is easier than having me
> send you a copy of pax :-) )

Or, you can do:

	cd /usr/src/bin/pax
	make CFLAGS="-I/sys -I/sys/sys"
	make install

To find the files without copying them and then install.