Subject: Re: Cannot mount CDrom anymore
To: Chris G. Demetriou <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/24/1994 17:34:26
> > Hello  ..,
> > Until recent i had a line in my /etc/fstab (all on -current) with
> >   "/dev/cd0a /cdrom  isofs ro,nodev,noauto 0 0"
> > As the mount_isofs went away isubstituted isofs with cd9660.
> > Now (with many variants tried) i get cd9660: Operation not supported by device
> > The device is a NEC cd25 on an adaptec 1742B together with a 8200 Exabyte and
> > a 150MB streamer.
> > Any thoughts about it? (driver not finished????)
> you didn't compile your kernel with 'options "CD9660"' to include
> the cd9660 file system.

Chris, etal...

PLEASE do not take this as criticism.  It is a question that I am sure
at least one other person must be asking...

What document should we be watching as changes like this are made?  I
really didn't understand that this was why I was having exactly the
same problem.  I assumed that it was something else that I had done.  I
would not have likely figured out to change the ISOFS option if I
hadn't seen this message.  I understand that I probably could have read
through the new CD-ROM code and figured it out sooner or later.

As always, NetBSD is a superior piece of work, and my hat goes off to
the authors and core team.  BTW, are the compat directories that appear
to be for new executable formats ready to go?  I would really like to
hear a little more about those :-)