Subject: Re: rlogin twinks the serial port parameters...
To: None <>
From: Daniel Harris <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/23/1994 00:07:27 (Scott Reynolds) writes:
>If you're running n-8-1 on a serial port and rlogin to another host (rsh
>without a command to run), the port gets set to e-7-1.  I see the
>problem in rlogin.c, and I could fix it, but I'm curious to know if either
>(a) someone is already working on this or (b) it's on the list of 4.4-lite
>code that has yet to be integrated (hopefully using termios!).  I'd rather
>not waste my time on this one if it's already in the queue.

I modified rlogin to use termios some time ago.  If anyone is interested
I'll dredge up the patches.

Daniel Harris.