Subject: Re: SYSV compatable curses for NetBSD?
To: Rob Healey <>
From: Hannes Deeken <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/21/1994 08:31:47
In message <>, Rob Healey writes:
> 	Does anybody know of a freely available curses that is closer to
> 	System V curses? The NetBSD curses doesn't have functionality alot
> 	of SVR4 programs I have need. B^(.

Take a look at ncurses. It's available from
(this is from memory, so the path might be wrong) or from one of the
various Linux ftp sites. One drawback (in my eyes) is the fact that
ncurses contains a terminfo implementation and is based on that, so you
have to maintain two terminal databases.

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