Subject: Re: level 1 ffs & large kernel
To: None <>
From: Thor Lancelot Simon <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/21/1994 12:51:48
In my (increasingly silly) quest to recover from my dain-bramage of last week
without just giving up and reinstalling my machine from scratch, I've
seemingly discovered something really weird.

Before I went and broke things, my machine was running -current as of the very
end of April, April 20th or so.  With the boot blocks that I'd installed then,
I couldn't boot the May 2 kernel, or the May 28 kernel that someone in Norway
kindly provided me with.

So I figured I needed the May 2 boot blocks to boot the May 2 kernel -- maybe
it included DDB or something. (?)

No dice.  On my machine, having re-disklabelled with the May 2 bootblocks from
the snapshot on, I can boot my April 27 kernel but *not* the
May 2 or May 28 kernels.

The machine is a Dell Pentium with 8 meg of ram and an IDE disk.  Trying to
boot the May 2 kernel gives the following results:

booting wd(0,a)/netbsd-aha @ 0x100000

and then the "spinner" spins forever.

Trying to boot the May 28 kernel gives equally bogus results save that the
last number is *negative*!

What gives here?  Can someone help me out?

Thanks.  I'm really in the dark.