Subject: tcpdump 3.0 work with NetBSD?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/21/1994 11:00:21
	Does anybody know if the newly released tcpdump 3.0 work with
	NetBSD? The announcement says they THINK it would work but haven't
	verified that it will.


Announcement of tcpdump 3.0:

The latest release of tcpdump and initial release of libpcap are now

Note that you need both packages in order to build a working tcpdump.
When retrieving these compressed tarchives, don't forget to set binary

One main feature of this release is that the packet capture code has
been broken out into a separate library. This is also the first
release that supports Solaris.

We currently support the following hardware and operating system
combinations (this the RUNSON file from the libpcap package):

    machine         os                              packet filter
    -------         --                              -------------
    hp300           4.4BSD*, 4.3BSD Tahoe/Reno*     BPF
    sun3            SunOS 3*                        BPF, NIT
    sun3            SunOS 4                         BPF, STREAMS NIT
    sparc           SunOS 4                         BPF, STREAMS NIT
    sparc           SunOS 5                         DLPI
    Decstation      Ultrix 4                        packetfilter
    Alpha/AXP       OSF/1 v1.3*,v2.0                packetfilter
    IBM RT          4.3BSD*                         enet
    i386            BSD/386,NetBSD*,FreeBSD*        BPF
    SGI Indigo      IRIX 4                          snoop
    SGI Indigo      IRIX 5                          snoop
    IBM RT          AIX*                            BPF

    * These systems are supported but we currently do not have the resources
      to carry out testing in these environments (we suspect you'll run into
      problems under these systems -- please send us the patches if you fix any
      porting problems).