Subject: Wierd behaviour from sh and bash
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/20/1994 11:32:24
	While trying to install Elm last night I ran in to weird behavior
	involving reads on sh and bash. In a nutshell they were always
	immediately from read's returning null strings.

	A little more detail:

	The ELM configure script uses a small read script so it can handle
	! outs to an interactive shell on any of it's questions. The small
	script is made with a hereis script redirected to a file myread, ie.

	read ans
	case ans
	!*) shell out and then return
	*) return value

	redirected in to a file myread. The main script then does a
	. myread
	any time it asks a question. The reads always return without waiting
	for anything?!? It all seems pretty basic to me and it had the same
	behaviour both under bash and sh (ash ?). This struck me as strange.
	The script is in Bourne syntax so it won't run under csh or related

	Any ideas about why this sort of thing would happen?