Subject: Today's Un*x lesson
To: None <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/20/1994 21:26:10
Today's BSD Lesson:

There is a big difference between:

    dump 0dsf 11200 1000 /dev/rwd0d /usr/src


    dump 0dsf 11200 1000 /dev/rwt0d /usr/src

Thankfully, DOS was the first 100 Meg on my hard drive.

Unfortunately, it had all of the course syllabi for the courses I
teach, and the new one for the class starting Monday wasn't on the
backup tape from Friday.

So remember:

When doing backups, use TAPE not your whole hard drive.  

P.S.  I got the wt0 driver working with the Archive tape drive and
controller I was asking about last week.  I have found that the port
address of 330-33f seems to be free for that, and the Adaptec likes
being at that address.  If anyone has the book on the Wangtek PC-36
controller and can tell me how to set the switches on that to use port
address 330, I'd appreciate it.  Using DC-6250 tapes, I am able to get
about 105Meg on tape using the density and length settings in the
examples above.

P.P.S.  Anyone with a QIC-02 controller that wants to swap war stories
should drop me a line here.  I have a real enigma of a QIC-02 board and
would like more info.  Specifically, how can 8 jumpers attached to
address lines 4-7 do anything neat (like Work?)???