Subject: Re: Multi-Port serial cards
To: <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/20/1994 00:25:52
In article <> Dave Cornejo <> writes:
>I've been using an STB 4-port card for several months - but I do have
>it set up for four individual IRQs.  It's got all kinds of strapping
>options for I/O address, IRQs and IRQ sharing and best of all they
>are quite cheap by my reckoning.

  I have a real AST card with a single 16550AFN in port 1. [which is
noticed] The sharing works fine, as far as I can tell.
  What doesn't seem to work right is hardware flow control. I've even
tried something I *know* does things right, (DOS FOSSIL+Binkley) and
it fails get through my modem configuration properly. ($99US LineLink
modem. Works fine with my 3/60) 
  I've checked cabling, and it is okay. I *think* it should work.
I'm on the verge of begging to borrow a digital scope to observe the
lines. [since Binkley doesn't work, I know it is hardware]

  Mind you, I'm afraid I don't have much confidence in com.c either though.
I heard some comments regarding the sio driver, but nothing specific.
I do notice that we still don't have a two level driver. It appears
that it doesn't process all the characters in the 16550 fifo though. I
only looked at the code today.
  Please do *not* respond to the list. I'll be happy, no: enthusiastic, to summarize.

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