Subject: comments on compiling jun1[78] tree....
To: None <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/19/1994 17:08:03
Well, I recovered from my megamunch of /bin (caused by having old
kernel with new /bin. fixed by ftping to my archive site and getting
bin.tar.gz from the snapshot I made 2 weeks ago:)

I've been recompiling from scratch. I like how this OS is progressing
with 4.4-lite changes (a comment below about this.). I have done
the following:
    rm -rf /usr/include;
    cd /usr/src/include ; make install
    cd /usr/src/lib; remove -DYP; make && install
    cd /usr/src/gnu/lib; make && install
    cd /usr/src ; make ...

Only had the following problems so far (haven't got to sys or gnu yet):
  - the makefile in /usr/src/include bitched about /usr/include/ufs/*.h
    not found or something. The makefile has the LSUBDIRS stuff in it.
    this wasn't fatal, and may only occur if you install a new
    /usr/include - I just thought I'd let the Team know if they
    already don't
  - usr.sbin/amq won't compile. I think amq/amd is including something
    from ../rpcx/ which needs the voidp typedef, but isn't including
    config.h or something. You guys probably know more.

[I removed -DYP from libc because my / is only 8MB and I was -ve in
space. This got back about 600K in /sbin & /bin alone. And I'm never
gunna run YP... On this point (of / getting bigger & bigger), I might
look into merging some of mount_* into 1 binary if it looks like saving
a lot of space]

Well, things are going well. I've only got the following probs:
- Xfree86 2.1.1 compiles & installs. The server won't run (bitches
  about broken pipe.). I'm not too fussed (why use a shitty 14"
  monitor & slow TVGA8900 when I've got a 21" fast color Xterminal
  (labtam ct320) right next to the netbsd box.?)

PS: I have 4.4-encumbered. I want to work with some code from 4.4 &
release it. I could wait for our 4.4-lite tape to turn up (or for it
to come up on ftp.) Besides cpio & /sys, does anyone know what I
should avoid in bin,sbin,usr.bin,usr.sbin that I should avoid? Or is
it better to just wait for 4.4-lite?

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