Subject: fdesc + lstat /dev/fd
To: None <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/19/1994 22:36:08
With the latest (June 18) kernel (with options FDESC), lstat("/dev/fd")
appears to cause a vm_fault in fdesc_allocvp. DDB showed a trace
lstat -> namei -> lookup -> fdesc_lookup -> fdesc_allocvp.

This bug shows up when savecore (called from /etc/rc)does a scan through
/dev to find a device, and also during the 'building databases' step, presumably

A little more vague description of another bug: fsck dumps core when
trying to salvage a corrupt directory. Unfortunately, I can't reproduce
it now, but I had a problem where fsck said something along the
lines of "bad directory ... run fsck by hand", and when I did, and
answered yes to the question if it should be salvaged/cleared/whatever,
it dumped core. Vague, yes I know, but I can't reproduce it
(actually, I don't hope to reproduce it, cost me a few clris and reboots
to get it right).

Apart from this, I'm very happy with the current system, it's nice and