Subject: Re: cg 0: bad magic?
To: Thorsten Lockert <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/19/1994 00:45:18
> Any ideas what would cause newfs to complain about "cg 0: bad magic"
> on a disk?  I am getting it on my Wren 7 disk here, regardless of how
> I set up partitions etc. on it.  Here is the disktab entry I am currently
> using:

I have no idea.  I saw the problem on sun-lamp, with mount_mfs (which
is newfs by another name).  Charles, however, _didn't_ have the
problem on his i386.  and when i changed sd0b to sd1b in the
/etc/fstab entry for the mfs, it worked fine.

I can only assume that it's _something_ to do with some "strange"
field in the disk label, or some aspect of the disk geometry,
but i'll be damned it i could figure out what, given my relatively
quick inspection (which even included a session in gdb... 8-).

I dunno; this is definitely a "bogon" someplace -- i just dunno where