Subject: Spontaneous Reboots at start of pass 0 in fsck -c2 on IDE controllers
To: None <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/18/1994 12:12:52
As I alluded to in my last post on this message, I am having a problem
with spontaneous reboots on my computer when I try to 'fsck -c 2' my
wd0 drives.

Here are the particulars:

- fsck is rebuilt from sources supped from Friday.
- The kernel is built from sources supped at the same time.
- The boot blocks are old boot blocks.

When the filesystem was old 'type 0' format, the following occurred:

When 'fsck /dev/wd0x' is executed, the inode list (?) at 32 usually
bad.  If I allow fsck to repair it, the next time the system rebooted,
the same problem would occur.  If the system was fscked and mounted
'-a' by hand, the system would spontaneously reboot sometime several
hours later.  My guess is that it has something to do with the old
'fastlinks' symbolic links.  There is never any evidence of what is
was, and if I wait, it will work fine.  Figuratively, it is like the
system gets bored with not working and quits.

I tried to 'fsck -c 1' the filesystems.  It asks about converting to
the new cylinder group format, then proceeds to process the file system
and converts it successfully.

I try the 'fsck -c2'.  It asks another question (new inode format?),
displays the 'Pass 0' message, pauses for a half second, and hard
reboots without a message.

- I upgraded the boot blocks, after reading that they would be needed
to boot the system after the file system was upgraded.

When booting, the bootblocks cannot find the root partition files.  The
/netbsd (and all other incantations) is not available.  The system will
loop forever looking for it.  Bear in mind that I am unable to make the
file system the 'new' format through fsck, and need to dump the file
systems to tape in order to convert then using newfs.  It sounds like
'pax' is the way to go for that.  The filesystem is 'type 1' right now,
so it is hard to say why the 'new' bootblocks can't figure out the file
system structure.

- With the new boot blocks on the hard drive, I use the boot blocks
from a floppy and specify wd(0,a)/netbsd as the kernel.  The system
boots just fine.  It even seems to run OK.  There was a power cycle
last night that may or may not have reset the machine about 2AM.

The current status of my machine:

I boot from floppy and specify the kernel from the hard drive.  I am
going to try and convert the root partition first (know that it is both
the smallest and the hardest) and I am going to keep after it.  I am
trying to build a new kernel, but I keep getting the 'Unresolved
reference' problem that another person reported.  Of course, I am going
to check 'ld' and the libkern before I write THAT problem up.