Subject: Re: Submitting good bug reports
To: None <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/18/1994 11:51:35
This is not intended as much of anything except another viewpoint on
the problem of good/bad bug reports.

My recent post about the problems that I have been having was NOT
intended as a bug report.  To start with, I am reasonably certain that
the problems I am having are not BUGS.  They are almost certainly
something that I have done here.

If I do find a bug, I try to include as much pertinent information as I
can collect.  If you prefer to think of it another way, if I drop
everyone a line saying "I am having a problem with such-and-such" I am
looking more for moral support than I am for a concrete solution.  Of
course, responses like "I told you so" are always welcome ;-)...

The few members of the core team seem to think that the rest of us are
here to whine and cry about to the core team.  Posting supportive
responses like "That is pretty obvious" serves only to segregate the
"unwashed masses" from the "elite".

This is a mailing list.  If I have a specific question that I think
that only the core members can help with, I Know precisely who you are
and will mail to you specifically.  If I am having a problem that I
haven't had a chance to look into deeply or understand completely, I
will post a note saying so.

My point is 'chill'.  I have never had a bad word to say about NetBSD
or the team that is building it.  I HAVE had a bad word to say about a
few of the personalities involved, but never a bad word about the
product.  No one is criticizing your work, or anything else.  People
post to let others know that they may be having a problem.  Generally,
if they need specific help, they should get specific.  If they are
looking for general help, they should stay general.

My recent announcement that I has having a problem was intended as a
general request because of something that I have done to my system.  I
will get it fixed with or without help; I just wanted to let the world
know that I was having a problem.  The next message is the bug report
from that initial announcement, now that I have more information.