Subject: Re: Where are the binaries?
To: Michael L. VanLoon -- Iowa State University <uunet!!>
From: Keith Wiles <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/17/1994 13:53:36

I would like some kind soul to help me to get a IDE and SCSI system working,
so if some one would please email me direct to save bandwidth. I will repost
the out come. I hope this is the correct list to send this problem too.

I will most likly leave out some very important info out, so please if you have
any questions please email direct and I will try to answer your questions.

I small about of info about the problem:

Home system has:
  NetBSD-current as of 4-16-94 (I have 6-11-94 tar balls but not installed)
  486 33mhz 8meg memory
  booteasy (1.4??) on wd0
  wd0 is DOS
  wd1 is NetBSD-current (I have changed the boot code to default to

  AHA1542C SCSI controller
  sd0 is a copy of the wd0 drive with small changes in partition sizes).
  This drive is labeled and sdboot and bootsd installed.
  If have changed the fstab to reflect the SCSI as the mount device.

What I want is to be able to boot the SCSI and run root/swap on the SCSI
or boot the IDE to run root/swap on the IDE. Now I have two bootable systems
one on IDE and the other on SCSI. What happens is that I can mount the SCSI
from the IDE but can not boot from the SCSI.

What I have done is installed the OS on the IDE wd1, then I built a kernel
with the AHA1542C in the config file with sd0, so that I can mount the drive
on the IDE. This kernel worked and allowed me to label and newfs the drive. I
then did a dump and restore to copy the IDE wd1 filesystems to the SCSI disk.
Now I built a kernel on the IDE that mades the sd0 the root and swap drive.
This kernel was not installed on the wd1 as /netbsd but as / Now I
copied this same kernel to the sd0a as /netbsd. I think I should be able
to boot the SCSI from the boot prompt. The boot prompt says that I should use
hd(1,a)/netbsd if both IDE and SCSI are installed. When I boot this it comes
up with a billion errors about something like 'Error: C:xx H:xx S:xx' or
if I boot the 'wd(1,a)/' the boot process gets to a point and switchs
to the wd1a, I believe this is correct, as to the boot code I looked at for
a few minutes.

Thanks alot for the bandwidth.

                  Keith Wiles @ Interphase Corp.
                 13800 Senlac Dr. Dallas TX 75234
                       Work (214) 919-9000

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