Subject: Disklabel problems
To: None <>
From: Jeff Kreska <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/17/1994 10:27:33
	I have segate ST12550 disk drive.  When I used pfdisk in DOS to set up
the partitions for DOS and BSD, Dos reported the disk as having 1023
cylynders 81 head 56 sec.  At this point thats all I new about the drive so
it didn't bother me.

	I installed BSD with no problems.  But when it boots it says I have
2708 cyls ?? head ?? sec.  Everything works fine.

	The next thing I did was edit the disklabel to include the DOS
partition so that I could mount the DOS partition from BSD.  I noticed the
disklabel says 1023 cyl ???? .  The edit worked without a hitch.  I rebooted
and mounted the DOS partition.

	The mount seemed to work fine, so I did an ls on the DOS mounted
partition and the system rebooted.

	I might add that this all worked fine with my IDE / SCSI drives that
have less than 1024 cyl.

If anybody has any suggestions on what I can do to get the DOS partition
mounted or to redo my partiontable so that it matches the boot probe config I
would greatly appreciate it.


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