Subject: Re: anyone seen this
To: None <>
From: Mark P. Gooderum <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/15/1994 15:54:46
I've tracked down the key to the difference...

Gcc is generating correct assembler but the ld line is wrong.

If I take a Cygnus gcc generated .o file and link with the BSD gcc like
ld line, things work w/o errors...

I'd finish this up but I'm being sent to NY on very short notice
for a few days...

This line gives errors:

nirvana::mark-142> ld /usr/lib/crt0.o -L/usr/local/src/reno-1.3/gcc/stage1 /var/tmp/cc0091421.o -lgcc -lc -lgcc
ld: /usr/lib/crt0.o: RRS text relocation at 0x10ab for "_exit"
ld: /var/tmp/cc0091421.o: RRS text relocation at 0x186c for "_exit"
ld: /var/tmp/cc0091421.o: RRS text relocation at 0x1862 for "_printf"
ld: /usr/local/src/reno-1.3/gcc/stage1/libgcc.a(__main.o): RRS text relocation at 0x18ea for "_atexit"

This line doesn't:

nirvana::mark-141> ld -e start -dc -dp -o hello /usr/lib/crt0.o /usr/tmp/cc0018501.o -lgcc -lc -lgcc

So the fix should be easy...but someone else can try to make it, otherwise
I'll get to it saturday.