Subject: How to install NetBSD current
To: None <>
From: Jose Manuel Garcia Valdearenas <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/15/1994 21:50:42
I want to install NetBSD current over FreeBSD.
I downloaded a kernel from, but FreeBSD boot
can't load it.
I tried to recompile the boot program from the sources of NetBSD.
This worked with current sources (May 2), but the kernel
dumped core.
I downloaded current sources, and tried compiling the new boot program.
But this new boot cannot find any kernel on my filesystem!
So I lost old boot program and the new is not very useful.
Does anyone have a current (more or less GENERIC) binary kernel?
Where can I find a binary boot program?
Is it possible to compile the sources of NetBSD current without many work unde FreeBSD?
Thank you.