Subject: Re: sh again
To: None <, dhess@CS.Stanford.EDU>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/14/1994 09:15:27
sh compiled without problems for me with 10-6 sources. I haven't tried it
yet with the latest changes; after I compiled in the new filesystem
code, my root filesystem filled up (more files in /sbin), so I need
to repartition :( A good time to newfs all filesystems, i guess.

Oh, one other thing: is anyone having problems with 'make' immediately
returning 'Result too large' ? I got that after compiling it with
the latest libc (version 12). An ancient make binary that I had lying
around (february) still works, fortunately (and so seem the other binaries
I compiled with the new libc). It maybe related to my filled up /,
but can't seem make a link between those problems.

My kernel is of June 13th, btw.

- Frank