Subject: XOpenDisplay failures
To: None <>
From: Ian Newham <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/13/1994 20:56:39
Sorry about this not being exactly -current, but this seemed the
place to get the answer.
I'm running -current 5th March 94 with XFree86 2.00.
I've tried compiling some stuff for X but XOpenDisplay seems to
fail all the time. It's not just that $DISPLAY isn't set because
all the binaries that came with XFree are fine and I've had _one_
program compile and run ok, but even if I copy the XOpenDisplay call
verbatim to another program it fails.
        I posted this question in comp.os.386bsd.questions and I
had a reply saying that for a while -current had a bug which stopped
newly compiled binaries from opening the display. Can anyone remember
that, and can you remember a fix / workaround.
        I'm quite happy with my system apart from this 'feature'and
dont really want to start from scratch again so I'd rather not just
grab the latest snapshot thanks ( that and the fact it's expensive
by dial up in the U.K.)
thanks in advance
| Ian Newham                        Nottingham, U.K. |
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