Subject: Tape controller(s) identification...
To: None <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/12/1994 22:08:06
Hi folk,

I just got done shopping at a staging area for a swap meet.  I have
been given my choice of the following controllers and associated tape
drive.  I am asking the questions:

1.  What are these controllers (in terms of the NetBSD kernel)?

2.  Which would you choose?

Since price is no object (they are all free, but I need to give back
what I don't use) please keep that in mind in your choices.

The Items:

	1.  A QIC-02 Tape Host Adapter by CTS (Colorado???)
	2.  An EAX6GP-SC400S controller card by Archive.  It was
	directly connected to the tape drive (see below)
	3.  An Emulex controller/translator of some sort.  It looks
	like a SCSI controller might plug into it, and it should then
	plug onto the tape drive (???).  Everything on it implies that
	it is an MT-02 (SCSI to QIC-02 adapter??)
	4.  A Wangtek (maybe QIC-02) controller.  Lots of jumpers for
	IRQ/DRQ/DACK choices.  It is currently jumpered for the second
	IRQ from the left.

	The tape drive:

	An Archive Model 5945C.  Like I said, it was wired straight
	into the SC400 controller above.  Is it reasonable to assume
	that it (or its other two twins) will work with the plethora of
	controllers available?

Thanks for the help, any of you that try.  Thanks for your time, any of
you that don't.