Subject: Remember that 'disappearing keyboard' problem I was having?
To: None <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/12/1994 11:12:13
I reported that I was still having an occasional problem with
Unexpected Interrupt 1 and my keyboard going away.  I just thought I'd
let you know that it probably isn't a software problem, unless NetBSD
and Windows are sharing resources. :-)

I was working in WinDoze the other night, and the EXACT same thing
happened.  The hard drive was being accessed and I was typing.  The
keyboard just FROZE.  The mouse still worked, and everything that was
going kept on going.  I got out of WD and the keyboard was still dead.

Since that is three Operating Systems (well, one OS and two interrupt
handlers) that this problem has manifested itself in, I suspect there
must be a weirdness in my keyboard controller/keyboard.  Having spent a
grand total of almost $50 on both, I know they MUST be OK. ;-)

For those of you that are still looking, I guess that the only thing I
can suggest is that a program that resets the keyboard controller
(preferably without resetting the whole machine) so that the keyboard
can come back.  Since I have a rock solid VT-102 that is always logged
in, I can reset anything from there.  Of course, since I am probably
the only person that needs to fix this (if I do), sending me a brief
note on what to tickle and I will monkey around with it and make it do