Subject: Re: Australian sites for: ftp, (potential) supserv, etc
To: Daniel Harris <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/10/1994 11:15:32
> In apana.lists.os.netbsd.general you write:
> >I've setup an Australian mirror for various NetBSD stuff.

> >Anonymous ftp:
> >    NetBSD-0.9/			the Netbsd 0.9 distribution
> >    NetBSD-current/tar_files/	current tar_balls, including:
> >		.../src		src tarballs (from sun-lamp)
> >		.../othersrc	othersrc tarballs (from sun-lamp)
> >		.../binaries	binary snapshot (from me.)
> >    contrib/			FreeSec 1.0
> >    XFree86-2.1.1-src/		Src to apply again X11R5 to get XFree86
> >				running.
> Hi Luke,
> Will you only be keeping core (ie OS + XFree86) material, or will contributed
> packages (elm, nn, etc) be welcome too?
> I think an archive of pre-ported packages would be great for the netbsd
> community.

Yeah, but I don't have the disk space. And personally, I have the
problems with archives of pre-ported stuff:
- most stuff is easy to port.
- don't you HATE it when you use archie to find some source and
  instead get 100's of matches for the SAME pre-ported Linux software
  mirror across a lot of machines. I'd rather not see netbsd get
  the same reputation. (I don't have a problem with Linux per se)
- do you trust the binaries? (mega paranoia.) This is probably an
  argument against my tarballs too :|

Anyway, No, I'll not be archiving ported stuff...

Luke Mewburn             UNIX Systems Programmer, Technical Services Group
<>               Department of Computer Science, RMIT.